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Senior Wellness

Before any medical signs become apparent, behavioral changes can serve as important indicators that something is changing in an older pet, which may be due to medical or other reasons. As your pet's owner, you serve a critical role in detecting early signs of disease because you interact and care for your pet on a daily basis and are familiar with your pet's behavior and routines. If your pet is showing any change in behavior or other warning signs of disease, contact your veterinarian and provide them with a list of the changes you have observed in your pet. As the companion who cares for your pet every day, there’s much that you can do to keep your pet healthy and happy. Fortunately, expert understanding of animal health and advances in veterinary medicine mean pets can live longer, better lives than ever before.

For your convenience, Ridgeview Animal Hospital provides senior wellness checklists for both our canine and feline companions. Click the links below to learn more about how you can help spot when they aren't feeling their best.


Senior Wellness Checklist - Canine


Senior Wellness Checklist - Feline