Our Values

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Purpose:To provide quality progressive medicine and surgery by a family-oriented team of caring professionals

Core Values:

Family– We believe family is important and is a priority! Our family is extensive; it includes each team member’s family, our client’s and patient’s family, and all of us together as a family.

Teamwork– We must work together in a concerted effort, toward the same goals to be successful.

Progressive– Implementing and supporting new medical practices and technology advances to create better client experiences and patient care, as well as doing our jobs more efficiently.

Compassionate– Caring for others (clients, patients and co-workers) through our actions and words

Trustworthy– We want to meet the expectations we set for clients and co-workers in the things we do and say.

Our Uniques:

What is special about our clinic and separates us from other clinics in town? These are attributes we feel do just that!

  1. We value your time!

We value and appreciate our clients’ time, so we strive to be efficient with ours! Our goal is for little to no wait time, getting clients directly into an exam room after check-in. We will be working diligently behind the scenes utilizing teamwork, so the technicians and doctors will maximize their time with clients in the exam rooms. Clients get results immediately if we can do in-house testing or as quickly as an outside lab can get tests done. We are staffed well to handle calls without needing to call back hours later in most cases.

  1. Three practice collaborative

Ridgeview Animal Hospital- West Omaha

Walnut Creek Veterinary Clinic- Papillion

Skyline Veterinary Clinic- Elkhorn

Three clinics around the Metro area allow us to provide clients a consistent brand: pricing, processes, protocols, values, and operations that we strive to excel in! While our files aren’t linked, we use technology to easily share files between clinics, and our 10 veterinarians collaborate and consult weekly on cases. Our clinic group has relationships with vendors which allows us to offer good pricing to our clients, and refer clients to a clinic in the group for services or products if we are unavailable or out of stock.

  1. We are a family and are family oriented.

We understand how much they love their pets and are compassionate. We like each other, take care of each other, and do the same for our clients and patients.

  1. Personal touch with attention to detail

We know our clients and patients. We do callbacks, reminders, offer texting and email communication, and try to have as much person-to-person contact as possible. We strive for life-long relationships.

  1. Integrated management team

Our managers work in our clinics, not in Seattle or elsewhere. We are not a nationwide corporation, but a local, privately owned group. The veterinarians who own are practicing daily in the clinics, knowing the day to day flow and pulse of the clinics.