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Euthanasia & Cremation Services

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At some point, most pets will get lumps, bumps, skin tags, or warts that you’ll want to have removed. Cryosurgery with Cool Renewal is a great alternative to scalpel removal or traditional liquid nitrogen methods for removing them. Cryosurgery means not only a shorter procedure time, but less anesthesia, if any. It can be a … Read moreCryosurgery

Dental Care

Dental Care

Dental care is the foundation of proper oral hygiene and is an important part of your pet’s daily life, see why annual dental cleanings are needed to maintain a clean bill of health.



At Ridgeview Animal Hospital, we believe in regular grooming because in addition to the obvious cosmetic improvements, grooming has health benefits as well: Ridgeview Animal Hospital offers full-service grooming for our patients, which includes bathing, haircut, toenail clipping, and ear cleaning. We also offer bath and brush only service, which includes everything except the haircut. … Read moreGrooming

Advanced Diagnostics


Diagnostic services allow us to take a closer look at the internal workings of your pet and can assist our veterinarians in determining any underlying conditions. Ridgeview Animal Hospital has the most current tools to help us make an accurate diagnosis so we can effectively treat and prevent medical issues. In-House Laboratory Ridgeview Animal Hospital’s … Read moreAdvanced Diagnostics

Routine Surgical Services


Ridgeview Animal Hospital offers a variety of routine surgical services, including spay/neuter, lump/tumor biopsy and removal, hernia repair and declawing. Our veterinarians are also skilled in cystotomy, splenectomy, abdominal exploratory and other advanced soft tissue surgeries. As well as various soft tissue and abdominal surgeries, our sister hospital, Skyline Veterinary Clinic, also has the knowledge and … Read moreRoutine Surgical Services

Emergency Care


Serious health problems, injuries and illness require immediate care. When your pet urgently needs to see a veterinarian, Ridgeview Animal Hospital offers quality emergency care during our regular business hours. While we understand you may not always be able to call in advance, if you are able to do so it will help our staff … Read moreEmergency Care