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Community Service

Our animal patients remind us every day why we got into the practice of veterinary medicine in the first place. They provide us with perfect examples of selflessness and unconditional love. At Ridgeview Animal Hospital, we cherish the many opportunities we have to serve vulnerable populations, and we believe in giving back to a community that has always given us so much. That’s why we’ve made philanthropy a core part of our mission.

Our team proudly supports several local causes, including the Heartland German Shepherd Rescue, an Omaha-based volunteer organization that rescues German Shepherds in danger of being euthanized. Last year we donated more than $6,600 worth of products and services to this worthy cause and we plan to do even more this year.

In addition, Dr. Gaines often donates her own time to an area humane shelter, performing surgeries for pets in need. These efforts take Dr. Gaines and one of our licensed veterinary technicians out of town for a few days each month, and while the trips can sometimes be grueling, they’re always worth the sacrifice.

If you want to know more about our community service or if you’d like to get involved, give us a call at 402-333-3366 today.

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