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Taenia, Clinic Cat

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Taenia, Clinic Cat

Taenia, Clinic Cat

Taenia, aka TT, is our one-of-a-kind clinic cat. She will stare lengthily into your soul before determining if you are worthy enough to gain her love. Once found worthy, she expresses her love with extreme headbutts, gentle nuzzles, and drooly purrs. She can be seen chirping around the clinic or posted guard in the front lobby because the clinic is entirely her domain. Her past times include Youtube Cat games and sleeping in her own personal drawer/front lobby. She bravely loves to taunt and tease the biggest most excitable dogs in the treatment area by simply walking by without a care in the world. She will also grace the breakroom table to beg for playtime with one of her numerous crinkle toys. Overall, she is a joy in her own way, and we love to have her as our clinic cat!

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