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24/7 Vet Care From Anywhere? Yes! 

Ridgeview Animal Hospital has partnered with the new airVet app to make it easy for our clients to connect with a veterinarian within minutes anytime, anywhere—and the first call is FREE! 

airVet veterinarians may be your own local vet or a doctor at another location who is available at that time. You can use airVet for: 

• behavioral questions 
• general health/medical questions 
• basic follow-ups 
• finding out if an office visit is necessary 
• after-hours calls 

Here’s the steps to get started: 

1. Click the link below to download airVet from the Apple app store or Google Play 
2. Select your home hospital when prompted 
3. Select your primary veterinarian from the list 
4. Start a call and test it out! 

Have questions about airVet? Just give us a call at 402-333-3366

Download the airVet App!

Download in the Apple App Store
Download to App on Google Play