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Doctor’s Thoughts

Get tips, tricks, and general thoughts on pet care and health courtesy of Dr. Joanne Gaines, owner of Ridgeview Animal Hospital:

Dr. Gaines – Wyoming Thoughts: Itchy Fall

Pet got the “itch”? Dr. Gaines gives you the lowdown on what might be causing all the itching, scratching, licking and ear-itiation that your pet may be experiencing.

Dr. Gaines – Leptospirosis Information

Leptospirosis is a threat to both pets and their human family members. Dr. Gaines explains how to identify and prevent this highly contagious disease spread by backyard wildlife.

Dr. Gaines – Dental Care

Regular at-home brushing of your pet’s teeth can really help keep them healthy and prevent serious dental and medical problems down the road. Dr. Gaines and Angus show you how it’s done.

Dr. Gaines – Pet Food

Confused about what’s best to feed your pets? Dr. Gaines has some simple advice and good recommendations for the best brands.

Dr. Gaines – More Dental Information

The importance of pet dental care can’t be overstated. Dr. Gaines explains how pet dental cleanings and X-rays are done and why:

Dr. Gaines – Stress Free Cat Visits

It’s no secret that most cats hate the vet, which can make it very stressful for owners to get their pet the care they need. Dr. Gaines has some helpful tips for making vet visits less stressful for your feline family member.

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