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Exotic & Pocket Pet Care

Exotic & Pocket Pet Care

Exotics and pocket pets might be small, but they are also mighty and they deserve – like humans and more conventional pet companions – the best of care. At Ridgeview Animal Hospital, we are happy to see a wide array of exotic pets and small mammals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and reptiles.

Bringing Your Small Pet to the Vet
We recognize that coming to the vet can be a stressful experience for any pet, particularly our small ones. Our staff and doctors are very sensitive to this fact and do whatever we can to limit this stress.

Your pet may be more relaxed if brought in its regular enclosure if possible. It is also best not to clean the enclosure prior to bringing your pet in. This will allow your pet to be surrounded by familiar, comfortable smells, and will also retain samples for diagnostic testing if needed to better evaluate your pet.

We commonly see exotics and pocket pets for:

Rabbits: ear or eye issues, digestive problems, lumps, dermatological conditions, abscesses
Hamsters: eye issues, skeletal abnormalities, digestive problems, lumps
Guinea pigs: eye issues, digestive problems, dermatological conditions, abscesses
Chinchillas: digestive problems, dental issues, abscesses
Hedgehogs: digestive problems, dermatological conditions, dental issues
Reptiles: eye issues, digestive problems, dermatological conditions

We also conduct physical examinations and can offer nutritional and environmental enrichment counseling tailored to the unique needs of your little one.

To schedule an appointment for your favorite furry or scaly friend, give us a call at (402) 333-3366 today!

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