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Did you know that nearly one in three pets will become lost during their lives? Even if you have a collar with ID tags on your pet, it can easily be lost or taken off.

Not so with microchip implants, which are an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to find lost pets, keeping them out of animal shelters and getting them back where they belong.

Microchipping is a simple process that can be done while a pet is under anesthesia for another procedure or without anesthesia as part of a routine office exam. The microchip is contained in a biocompatible capsule smaller than a grain of rice that’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and completely safe. An easy, nearly pain-free procedure then places the chip just under the skin. Microchips are rated for 25 years, meaning they never need to be replaced or recharged during your pet’s lifetime.

The likelihood of a lost pet being reunited with their family is greatly increased if the pet has a microchip with the most recent contact information for the owner.

Ridgeview Animal Hospital uses Petlink microchips, which contain an identification number. This number allows you to provide your pet with a permanent, unique, and unalterable ID, giving you peace of mind.

If your pet has recently been microchipped at Ridgeview Animal Hospital, please click here to register your pet’s chip.

To get your pet “chipped” make an appointment online with us or just call 402-333-3366.


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